Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) was a term you probably learned in college, along with a few hangovers.  While not as fun, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is gaining popularity in the workplace.  BYOD means the employee can use his or her cell phone or laptop for work.

BYOD is popular with startups and companies with lots of remote workers.  Many small companies begin with the owner’s cell phone and then expand from there.  For an employer, BYOD is an immediate saving to the company. If you don’t have to supply each and every worker with a new phone, computer, monitor, office chair, and desk, then you stand to save a significant amount of money.  In fact, many employees prefer the convenience of working on their own devices, since they are already familiar with them. Using their own phones means that they can be fully remote, taking work with them wherever they decide to set up shop for the day.

But how do you grow from a few cell phones to a real business phone system?  Is there a main number? Should the primary owner keep answering the phone?

The solution is to use a Gphone Virtual Receptionist or Auto-attendant to integrate and organize phone calls among all those BYOD cellular and landline phones. You can point the main number to the receptionist and then distribute calls from there,  to Sales, Support, Billing etc. The caller does not have to know these calls are going to mobile phones.

Even cooler is the ability to distribute calls to multiple salespersons or support persons.  Calls can ring simultaneously to multiple phones, so the quickest on the draw can get the call, rewarding the more ambitious salesperson.

Combine this with daily reporting that shows the owner who is taking the calls and how hard each individual is working.  The company owner can gain great insight into what the employees are doing.

When you get a real office, WOW, congratulations!  That’s never a problem because Gphone can integrate executive desk phones into the mix.  

A virtual attendant also protects the security and intellectual property.  We can also provide direct-dial phone numbers to each user, even user with a cell phone.  If you own the phone numbers, you will not have to worry about your best salesperson taking off with the cell number that all the clients call.   And, with access to all the call statistics at your fingertips, you know who your employees are talking to and when.