Efficiency is everything in business today. Business owners are constantly looking for ways that they can improve the systems within their business to open up the opportunity for rapid growth. In today’s ultra-competitive economy, businesses know that if you are not growing, you are declining.

Many software based companies have been created for the purpose of helping business owners better collaborate with partners and colleagues. These apps, combined with their ability to seamlessly integrate with VoIP, have allowed many businesses to take their efficiency to the next level.

Here’s a look at seven business collaborations apps that allow for VoIP integration.


TurboMeeting is used by thousands of businesses for the purpose of interacting with partners as well as within their company. It has developed a strong reputation for its reliability and ease-of-use. It is also extremely effective for collaboration since everyone involved can share their screens. One of the more intriguing aspects of integrating with VoIP is that each member of the meeting can choose how they will access (VoIP or phone).


The Circuit app is really cutting edge stuff. They offer a truly natural user experience and social collaboration that really helps to improve the efficiency of both small and large teams. It also has a storage and history feature that allows you to go back and access files and conversations that have happened over time.


Zendesk offers customer service software that makes it easy to support your customers whenever and wherever they need help. Their goal is to make for a personalized experience with the customer while providing services that can grow as you grow. Their VoIP integration capabilities help make personalized customer service cost-efficient and productive.


Bitrix is one of the larger social media platforms for businesses to interact and collaborate on different projects. The project management tools that the app provides, along with the ability to work with several different types of CRM software, make it a joy to integrate with your VoIP software.


Unison has developed a strong reputation because it can be used with just about any device you can think of. It can greatly increase how fast you communicate with your team and provide several communication tools for doing so. VoIP integration is an essential aspect of the app because most users are accessing it through wifi.


Zula, like Unison, is a project management tool designed for mobile devices. It allows users to make calls, share files, and maintain consistent communication no matter what device they have access to at the time.


Slack is a very modernized project management app that allows for both private and group messages among your team members as well as file sharing. It has become popular mainly because of how easy it is to search and access conversations from any point in time.

While all of these apps can significantly improve project management on their own, the integration with VoIP truly takes them to the next level. Any business looking to improve the efficiency of their communications and overall business would be wise to try these apps for themselves.