We know Halloween just ended, but it’s never too late to keep this in mind come Halloween 2017. zombie apocalypse

For most people, Halloween is about dressing up in costumes, telling ghost stories, and trick-or-treating. Lucky for you, the Global Phone team isn’t “most people”. That is why we are going to give you some advice about a part of Halloween that is often overlooked: preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

As we all know from popular TV shows and movies, the zombie apocalypse is inevitable. Someone somewhere is going to get sick from a strange virus and start biting people, turning them into zombies too. Then that hoard of the hungry half-dead will roam from town to town destroying civilization as we know it. Sounds scary right? Well don’t panic! Global Phone has a way for you, service providers, to help prevent (or at least delay) the zombie apocalypse without getting your hands dirty destroying zombie brains.

Let’s just say that your town is home to patient zero of what could become a full-scale zombie epidemic. That person bites a few people, those people bite more people, and eventually there’s a whole mess of zombies taking over your neighborhood. Eventually, they find their way to your data center and destroy your servers, which takes down your customer’s communications. Now, they can’t call for help and the zombie hoard grows until it takes over the Earth! (Ok ok, we are being a bit dramatic, but just work with us here.)

All of this could have been avoided with better planning and the Global Phone platform. With Global Phone’ n-Share, a service provider can replicate call data, user settings, and other information in real time between multiple data center locations. This means if one location goes down because of a zombie take-over, the call activity can be automatically transferred to the other data centers that are still zombie free.

Here’s how the story would have went if they had the Global Phone platform: A data center was overtaken by zombies. The service provider’s other data centers picked up where the zombie-infested data center left off. Phone service continued which allowed people to call for reinforcements to take out the zombies. The world was saved. The end!

Global Phone’ n-Share technology can also act as a failsafe for non-zombie related issues as well. Anything from natural disasters to human error can cause downtime, but with Global Phone, your other server locations can have you covered.