In order to use a VoIP service on your mobile device, you will need to have the right softphone app installed. SNAPmobile is a SIP softphone client for Android and iOS devices that lets you take VoIP functionality with you wherever you are. That way, you aren’t limited to just using a desktop phone or PC app to make or receive calls. It has many attractive features that makes it a true unified communications solutions, allowing you to stay in touch with those that matter the most, regardless of your current location. You simply need to have Internet access on your mobile device for the app to work.

The SNAPmobile app allows you to maintain the same identity as the one you use on your desktop phone. Therefore, you can be reached on your mobile device just like you were in your office. Another very useful feature that this app comes with is the ability to seamlessly transfer a call from one device to another and keep on talking without interruption. Such a function is highly practical if you’re leaving your office and want to continue a conversation on your mobile while you’re on the go.

All the Features You Need to Manage Your Calls From One Location

With SNAPmobile, you get not only the ability to make and receive calls, but also to manage various aspects of your communications right from the app. Some of the features you’ll find in SNAPmobile include:

  • Simple management of contacts.
  • Instant access to voicemail.
  • Detailed call history logs.
  • Ability to set custom answering rules, greetings and manage unified communications presence.

Use Your VoIP Service With Any Mobile Device

To use the SNAPmobile app, you simply need an account with on GPhone. You can then start using the app on any compatible smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS. You get the same call quality and features as you would when using your usual desktop phone. This softphone app is perfect for those who spend a lot of time out of the office while traveling and need to stay in touch with their business contacts at all times.

Easy to Configure and Use

Getting started with SNAPmobile is very easy. The first time you use the app, you simply need to input the configuration settings given by your SIP provider. There is a built-in help system within the app, which explains how its numerous features work and how you can make the most out of your softphone.

The user interface is clean and very simple to figure out. For many users, this is a welcome change from many other softphone apps, which tend to be cluttered, making it hard to figure out where everything is.

Continuous Updates and Improvements

The development team behind SNAPmobile is always working to improve this free softphone app. The latest update comes with some minor style changes to the UI, better Bluetooth support and improved echo cancellation when using the speakerphone or a Bluetooth device.