Making your Telephone Ring from Your Web Site

For Immediate Release, September 30, 1998 (Falls Church, Virginia): GlobalPhone has developed a service that links a visitor and a company hosting a web site by telephone. By clicking on a WebCallback hyperlink, the visitor can make secure transactions, review a site with the host company, ask questions and obtain answers over the phone. WebCallback provides an entirely new level of customer service to the World Wide Web.

Companies using WebCallback are able to host web pages which immediately connect their guests, by telephone, to a salesperson or customer service representative. Companies which sell products or services worldwide and hosts a web site can benefit from WebCallback by adding a few lines a HTML code to their site and subscribing to GlobalPhone’s WebCallback service.

Special features are offered with WebCallback including: Alert messages may be customized for each WebCallback link, warning the staff person of the nature of the call or stating the originating web page. International calls and specific phone numbers may be blocked. The web developer is given access to the HTML code and can modify the look and feel of WebCallback. Security features ensure that calls are initiated only by authorized sites and made only to pre-programmed numbers controlled by the GlobalPhone switch.

Web Callback is a useful tool for the Web site owners and the Internet public. Web site owners can be reactive to clients needs’ at a moment’s notice. Web Callback allows the public to obtain instant answers and solutions and avoid security risks with credit cards and other information not intended for public use. Web site visitors receive a personal touch that can overcome issues such as slow speeds, bad links and poorly designed web sites. Recent studies show that 60% of web visitors who initiate an online purchase form never complete it. WebCallback allows a greater percentage of sales to complete because it allows the consumer to speak to a live person at the critical moment when they are prepared to buy.

WebCallback is priced at 16.9 cents per minute, making it competitive with toll free 800 services. No other fees apply. Service is activated in 48 hours once the clients site is set up with the code we give out for free.

“The World Wide Web is the new electronic market place for business and consumers, but often people like a little help, and to hear the human voice occasionally” said WebCallback client Dennis Defensor, Vice President of Marketing at Government Technology Services Inc. a billion dollar computer distributor located in Reston, Virginia. “GlobalPhone has solved the hardest technical part of web initiated calls so that having our web developers add WebCallback to a web site is a simple task.”

About GlobalPhone Corporation

GlobalPhone Corporation has four years of experience in the International Callback business and more than 6,000 clients around the world, including the World Bank, the State Department, the United Nations, Equator Bank and numerous foreign diplomatic missions.