GlobalPhone delivered WebCallBack, a method of putting e-commerce site customers in touch with a service representative via phone in “less than 10 seconds.”

“WebCallBack’s program offers a Web site visitor the ability to immediately talk to someone that can help them, simply by clicking a button and entering their phone number,” GlobalPhone president Stephen McCarthy said.

Within seconds, the customer and a representative of the e-commerce site are conferenced together, allowing the customer to get the help they need, without having to wait for an e-mail response, or get lost in a voice mail maze.

WebCallBack utilizes the technology of GlobalPhone, which integrates the Web with traditional telephone switching equipment, allowing the customer and the online store to speak on the telephone for the cost of an 800 number.

“From a customer service point of view, WebCallBack is a tremendous tool,” said Samuel Murray, GlobalPhone vice president of sales. “Let’s say a customer is wary of giving his credit card information out online. With one click, a customer service representative calls him within 10 seconds, and records the information. In addition, the customer can then be offered additional products for sale, right on the phone. This was a customer the Web site may have lost.”

“For the e-commerce Web site, installation is as simple as adding a button to the site,” McCarthy said. “GlobalPhone hosts all the html, and the call is routed through the GlobalPhone network. In addition, the only thing the site pays for is the phone call. No start up charges or additional fees.”


By Staff