There is no question that Gphone has made a lot of advancements in recent years. They continue to want to be on the cutting edge, not just for you but for your business in general as well. One of the recent developments that Gphone is proud of would be the fact that they now offer an SMS (Short Message Service) and chat options for their business customers. The technicians affiliated with Gphone realize that these advancements will help your business in many different ways. To say they are excited would be an understatement. Consider the following features:

SMS is very convenient.

The Gphone SMS has a very centralized location, making it easier for all employees to be able to utilize the system. The SMS function is centered directly by the chat button. You can start a conversation simply by tapping on this button and then typing in a contact, name of a user or simply by typing in a new number.


SMS has a host of remarkable features.

The Gphone SMS widget has a message composition area where you can select the type of message. You have the choice of either the chat function or the SMS function. Moreover, you can also do a video session on the chat function if you wish. You can also “add a contact” if you texting a number that is unknown to the system. Finally, you can scroll up for the previous messages and you can set the Gphone on an auto-scroll feature.


SMS has a convenient notification configuration.

Options for SMS notifications include such things as an audible tone or a browser flash that another user has sent you a message. Many users will also have the option of a browser notification. Of course, this depends on whether they use the browsers Opera, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.


The SMS feature will keep you organized.

The Gphone will also go above and beyond the call by helping you stay organized. For example, the SMS feature sports a usage stats history. As long as one user is enabled for SMS, the feature will allow you to see all of the usages in the office manager home page. Naturally, you have a number of options where you can delete a message as well. This is useful if you want to clean up your inbox and keep it organized.


The SMS feature from Gphone will help you to establish a rapport with your clients.

Ask any business owner, and they will tell you that one of the most important things about a business is to establish and maintain a rapport with your clients. If you miss a message they just might decide to go with your competition. You can’t have that. However, with the excellent SMS system of the Gphone, you will be able to keep in contact with all of your important clients!