VoIP can basically be described as a way to make and receive phone calls using an internet connection instead of going through the phone companies. It is an innovative technology that thousands of businesses have accepted as a reliable and cost-efficient method for communicating with their customers, clients, and business partners.

But what exactly is it about VoIP that makes it so useful to small businesses? To answer that, let’s take a deeper look into how this new technology can make your small business more productive.

Cheaper Than Phone Services

One of the biggest benefits of VoIP for small businesses is that they can literally get rid of the need for working with a phone company, and therefore their charges. There are almost zero maintenance costs and no need to purchase expensive equipment to get started. This opens up financial resources that can be allocated to other areas of your business and allow you to increase growth in the areas that matter most.

Virtual Receptionists

A lot of VoIP software includes a virtual receptionist that can increase the efficiency of dealing with incoming calls. They allow you setup a system that provides callers with an initial list of options that can then redirect them to specific individual that they are looking to speak to. While some customers may not like the virtual receptionist answering the call, it does prevent them being on hold for an extended period of time.

More Options

Just about every type of VoIP software includes the usual conference calling, internet faxing, voicemail and caller ID. Many also allow you to integrate with your office software as well as forward voicemails to your cell phone or email. While more advanced features will obviously cost more, the price is still cheaper than what most phone providers offer for the same type of services.

Easy to Setup

Setting up your VoIP network is generally very easy to do. There are extensions included with most software that makes it simple to plug right into your current phone system. You will want to be sure that you check with your VoIP provider before making a purchase to determine whether your current phone system can be plugged into their network. Most modern phone systems are easily compatible with just about any VoIP provider out there.

It should be understood that VoIP is not without its risks. If your internet connection breaks down or is lost, you obviously will not be able to use the system and therefore may miss or lose important calls. Although this can be an issue, the process can be setup so callers are automatically sent to voicemail if this occurs.

Overall, VoIP is a cost-efficient way to manage your incoming and outgoing calls that allows you to maximize your productivity. Just be sure that you are going with a plan that meets the unique needs of your business to avoid potential issues with fair-use policies.