This scourge must stop” said FCC Chariman Wheeler, naming robocalls as the number one complaint of consumers.  The largest technology and communication companies announced this month  that they will be meeting with the FCC to discuss cracking down on robocalls. Companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Apple are some of the companies that are forming a “robocall strikeforce”. The strikeforce aims to caller ID verification standards to help block spoofers that impersonate legitimate phone numbers.

We all hate getting those pesky calls on our phones.  These calls can range from fake calls from the IRS, tech support calls asking to fix our computers, or automated messages asking us to renew warranties on our cars, etc. Sometimes they happen multiple times a day!

Many of these companies orignate the calls overseas and completely ignore the FCC Do Not Call registry. By spoofing the US caller ID, they can originate calls from anywhere in the world.  Blocking them means identifying and sharing the IP addresses of the offendors.  

Until the “robocall strikeforce” eliminates these calls altogether; temporary solutions do exist.

Luckily for anyone using Gphone, blocking these calls only takes a few clicks.  Simply log into your answering rules in your customer portal and add in the numbers that you want to block.  You may also block all anonymous and unknown calls.