yealinkThe typical home office usually lacks good network infrastructure for VoIP business phones. Most telecommuters like to use a Wifi connection at home and often their router is not close to their work desk, making it hard to run an ethernet cable to a full featured VoIP phone. This led to some strange workarounds and a less than optimal phone situation. Thankfully, Yealink solved that problem by adding Wifi and Bluetooth capability to their inexpensive line of T4X series phones. Now we can install a fully featured business phone anywhere in the home where wifi is available, meaning no more fussing with network cabling. It also means a user can use a standard bluetooth headset and enjoy strolling around the house while conducting business.

Yealink T4S series IP Phones

Yealink’s T4S series is the upgraded IP phone line of Yealink’s former T4 series. The T4S series features an elegant appearance, high-definition audio quality and cutting-edge features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, all at a very affordable price point. The T46S, T48S, T41S and T42S are equipped with a built-in USB port, meaning the entire T4S series supports extended functions such as USB call recording, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for more flexibility and functionalities.


Effortless Configuration and Upgrade

The Yealink T4S supports efficient provision and effortless mass deployment with Yealink’s free Redirection and Provisioning Service(RPS). This allows Gphone to remotely provision any new phone shipped directly from any distributor to the customer. Customers can buy the phones directly from Gphone, or from Amazon. The RPS feature also useful when a customer wants to reset phones to original factory settings in order to move their service to gphone or to resolve any software problems. Yealinks newest series of phones also share a unified firmware suite which simplifies maintenance and feature programming.