Newly Released:   Visual Phone Configuration Tool

Gphone is pleased to announce its new Visual Phone Configuration Tool.  This tool is available on the Gphone web portal and greatly simplifies remote configuration of popular VoIP handsets.  With the click of a few buttons, the end user, office manager, reseller or Gphone tech support staff can easily personalize each phone with the functionality desired by the owner.   

Each button can programmed using a simple dropdown box that supports the following functions:

  • Line Appearances
  • Busy Lamp Fields
  • Shared Line Appearances
  • Park Keys
  • Speed Dial Keys
  • Login and Logout of Call Queues and Hunt Groups


In addition, the phone can pull its configuration dynamically from a the users contact directory or favorites without manually entering each entry.

Supported phones include Polycom VVX series, Yealink Txx, Cisco SPA, Grandstream and Htek.