With winter weather approaching, business owners should consider that unpredictable weather conditions can drastically reduce productivity. Essential employees sometimes travel to work from remote areas and snow, freezing rain, and ice storms makes even local travel to work very hazardous.

Communication with customers, clients, vendors, and business partners is an integral part of how businesses function. Without the ability to communicate, consistent productivity is difficult to achieve. In order to ensure that your business’ phone system will operate during circumstances that are out of your control, consider an alternative to a traditional phone system for your business. Switching the business’ traditional phone system to a hosted PBX phone system can enhance business operations in a number of ways.

Why Choose a Hosted PBX Phone System?

Hosted PBX phone systems give companies the ability to remain productive in conditions that typically cause big losses in productivity such as snow and ice storms. It is in those types of emergencies that employees opt to stay home rather than risk traveling on dangerous roads. Because these systems do not require the traditional wiring used by many business models, crystal clear calls delivered via an internet connection allow for more reliable call continuity. There’s no need for concern or worry about loss of internet service during harsh winter weather because hosted PBX phone systems allow calls to be forwarded to alternate numbers such as mobile phones, softphones or residential landlines. Your staff is still reachable at their assigned extensions allowing a seamless flow of business communications in bad winter weather.

Change the Way Your Business Communicates

Hosted PBX phone systems are customizable to your business needs and fit small, medium, and large businesses alike. If business travel is a common occurrence for your staff, it is likely that those trips will result in unfortunate delays across the country as snow and ice blanket many parts of the country.

When key staff become stranded in other parts of the country because of winter weather, the ability to activate features to forward calls is done with ease. Hosted PBX phone systems allow business owners to greatly reduce the impact that unforeseeable and forecasted winter weather conditions have on business operations.

Overview of the Advantages of Switching

The advantages of switching to a hosted PBX phone system are:

  • No Interruptions during Winter Weather
  • Increased Productivity
  • Easy to Use/Upgrade/Expand
  • Flexibility
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Harsh weather during the winter months poses another challenge that can be easily overcome. By switching to a hosted PBX phone system, business owners have the benefit of offering employees the ability to balance work and life through telecommuting, particularly in harsh winter weather conditions. Customers, clients and employees are happier and experience less gaps in communications.