A Solution That Benefits Everyone

We can’t think of anyone within an organization that would not directly benefit from GlobalTone Hosted PBX. IT personnel will love the point and click PBX administration, CFOs and CEOs will appreciate significant PBX phone service cost savings, and end users throughout the office will have more control over their incoming and outgoing phone calls. More importantly, you can connect all of your remote users,including branch offices, telecommuters, and mobile employees to your Hosted PBX – all making for a more productive and efficient work environment.

Overall, leveraging GlobalTone Hosted PBX will provide the following key business values to your company:

Create a “national” campus
  • Connect remote employees and offices to the PBX seamlessly without extra costs
  • Migrate easily
  • Moves, adds, and changes made simple through Hosted PBX Web-based tools
  • Implement 3, 4 or 5-digit dialing plans
Simplify User Experience
  • Shared company directory
  • Prioritized PBX call handling
  • A unified messaging voice mailbox
  • Web-based PBX administration for feature management and personal preferences
Save On Operating Expenses
  • Free “on-net” calling—Eliminates long distance between offices
  • Reduced PBX support costs—Instant PBX Moves, Adds, Changes with a click of a mouse
  • Bundled packaging and pricing
  • Minimized PBX service calls
  • Minimized PBX system upgrade costs
  • Minimized PBX upgrade costs for new features
  • No full-time employee needed to manage PBX phone system
A System That Adjusts To Your Changing Needs
  • Scale PBX telephones up or down to meet staffing changes
  • Adjust easily to each user through a browser-based PBX console
  • Deliver predictable monthly PBX costs
  • Adapt your PBX rapidly to integrate newly acquired personnel
  • Work from office, home, mobile, or customer site while still on the PBX system